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The Green Fashion Formula

The new generation seems to be obsessed with the trend of “sustainability”. But what exactly does this term mean? Is it as simple as it is marketed to be or are there depths we haven’t yet taken into account? 


Sustainable fashion is the new buzzword in the apparel industry. From consumers to designers, everyone these days wants to talk about sustainability and fashion that is sustainable. Sustainability at its core is the idea of using resources in such a way that it can be continued to be used in the future without depletion. It is quite evident that the fashion industry is one of the major resource-depleting industries in the world, so it comes as no surprise that they are contemplating about sustainability. The best way of bringing in sustainable fashion is to make smartly designed products that increase the longevity of a garment.

At present the world is at such state where resources are being over utilized at an alarming rate yet the demands from consumers are being hardly met. Clothes fly off the racks in weeks of arrival and every alternate week a fresh collection is put up for sale. Such high demands and production fulfillment comes with a truckload of problems. Cheap priced clothes offer affordability to the consumer but are hardly usable after a couple of washes, generating a dumping load. Landfills are stuffed to the brim with apparel and textile waste, labor workers paid way less than their work demands, dangerous working conditions and high wastage of water in fabric production process are just a few pointers of the vast problems the industry is facing.

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want 

Sustainability sounds very lucrative at this point. Fashion weeks have been presenting collections made out of one-time use plastics, unconventional materials as well as recycling the generated garment wastes. The eco fibre market is expanding due to the ongoing creation of high-quality, innovative fabrics. They are gaining popularity among both the designers and consumers for high-end, fashionable apparel and designer garments. Even fast fashion front runner chains like Zara and H&M, are producing garment collections inspired and marketed as sustainable and eco-friendly. Fashion companies are going ‘carbon neutral’ in all their stages of production chain. 

But these changes were already being talked about in the past decade, has the industry proceeded any further in becoming greener? Experts say that all these are but small steps towards the ultimate goal of green fashion. Being sustainable has a lot of layers and sustainability itself is a broad aspect. It has to take root in every part of our lives to lead to such a future. The idea of using less garment is as path breaking as manufacturing eco friendly garments. Slow fashion in lieu of fast fashion is the trend that the public needs to catch on. Sustainability is no longer the future but the present.

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