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Is fashion designing a good career?

Our planet constitutes of roughly 70% water, but not enough drinking water for us and our future generations.

Likewise, we have enough of fashion designers today, but not enough sustainable fashion designers. Sustainable design is the need of the hour today, and you can learn the necessary skills by opting for the right fashion design course for you. 

At ESEDS School of design, we encourage you to take up projects where you can apply your creativity to bring about positive changes in areas you really care about.  It has to be purposeful so that you are more likely to push on with it after your graduation. That would truly fulfill you and enable you to fix social issues or alternative solutions.

Fashion designing as an art has been influenced by cultural and social attitudes over time, and for today’s conscious consumer, clothes being ethically sourced using sustainable materials serves as a deciding factor as to why one would purchase a certain product against another. 

It is no better time than now to establish a brand that uses sustainable materials and innovative design in its processes, as we are beginning to see the detrimental effects of the fast fashion industry which has plagued our waters and environment for many decades. 

Today, you can set up your independent e-store and disrupt big fashion brands that are slow to recognize or act on the needs of the future consumer.

The fashion industry may be glamorous & well-paying but it also has some proper talent in the global market as of today, which is why one needs a differentiator and an X-actor to stand out and makes waves in the industry. ESEDS School of design understands this and would guide you to a career that gives you the skills that top fashion brands and recruiters look for in 2020 & beyond. 

Our industry-based approach would equip you to handle the pressures of the real world and that is why we have been voted as the best private university for fashion design & education, with acclamations from the Ethical Fashion Forum in 2016 & 2015. 

Making the product is the first part, the marketing, and management of your fashion label is the next vital aspect of making your dreams come alive. As creators, we often get stuck in the loop of creation, and forget that personal branding, 

What kinds of career options open up after a course in fashion design:

Your career can take off in various ways after a BSc. or MSc. in fashion designing from ESEDS, where you would definitely get an assured chance to visit UCA, London and learn from some of the best industry experts who may also take you under their wing. 

Here are a few career options that open up to you:

Fashion Designer ·Apparel & Textile Designer ·Costume Designer ·Creative Head ·Stylist Fashion Consultant ·Fashion Entrepreneur ·Graphic Designer Blogger ·Image Consultant· Accessory Designer ·Personal Shopper ·Merchandiser

Innovation in Sustainable Design: Upcoming Trends in the Sustainable Design Industry 2020

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