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A Career in Sustainability-The superhero the planet needs

Do you consider yourself to be your own life’s superhero? At ESEDS school of Design, we help you understand that for your life to be truly fulfilled, you need to stand for something which is bigger than you. What truly makes you a superhero is the ability to serve humanity through the superpowers you gain by learning sustainable design here at Kolkata’s best fashion & interior design school. 

Is ESEDS the best design school in India? Perhaps the fact that we were the first recognized sustainable design institute as awarded by Ethical Fashion Forum(EFF) in London, UK in 2015 or that ESEDS was listed as the leading global sustainable design institute again in 2016 speaks a bit for itself. 

As a conscious human, you probably already know that our planet needs real-life heroes for humanity to sustain its future generations. We have been born into a world where certain evil forces have plundered and polluted the earth, and the future rests with creatives like you

Now, If you are asking yourself “What should I study to be a fashion or interior designer?”- ask yourself- what does the industry of the future need?

You shall find your answers by enrolling and applying for the Eseds school of fashion and interior design offers courses that are tailored for your career growth in sustainable design. 

With big fast fashion brands like Zara also promising to enter sustainable fabrics & design, we can expect a huge demand of designers who have the skills to work with sustainable design as well as are ethical by nature.

Start your journey in sustainable design early with a focused effort in BSc in fashion design or a BSc in interior design. In case you have already done a bachelors, you can opt for our masters in fashion design or interior design. We also offer short term courses which help you upskill yourself to be future-ready.

You would get access to a UK-based course module that teaches you the basics of sustainable design & more. 

Fact about fast fashion: “It takes an average of 7000 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans. That’s the amount of water you drink in about 5-6 years of your life.”

As a developing nation, India is lax about certain pollutants & chemicals which may have been banned in other countries, due to our policies which are not as stringent or allow for corruption. As proponents of ethical design, we must fight back to save the environment & spread consciousness of new concepts in design.

We encourage our students to come and learn from our industry partners & their mentors who have the practical experience and can provide insights into growing a sustainable business or brand with conservation at its ethos, pathos & logos. 

What is the eligibility of joining a fashion or interior design course you ask? Perhaps you wish to know what jobs, career and salary can you get after studying fashion or interior design? 

After a course in fashion design, your career can take off as a Fashion Designer, Apparel & Textile Designer, Costume Designer, Creative Head, Stylist Fashion Consultant, Fashion Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer Blogger, Image Consultant, Accessory Designer or Personal Shopper. 

After your interior designing course, you can take control of your own career as an Interior designing consultant, Furniture designer, Upholstery & soft furnishing specialist, Interior stylist, Event stage & backdrop designer, Cinema set designer or even Sound & Acoustics, specialist. 

With 100% of our previous batches being placed in the industry or starting their own labels, ESEDS is one of the top private colleges in India for fashion and interior design, specifically tailored towards sustainable design. 

The future is you, call our counsellors today for a better idea as to how you can do your bit to start saving our planet through sustainable design.

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